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  1. The most often asked concern is that how we are apt to continually finance interest rates ranging from 7 to 28 percent APR. Critics have claimed that our business plan is “too wonderful to be real,” but everyone acquainted with our company understands it’s the genuine deal. Thus, how are we capable of paying 7-28 percent while banks barely offer less than 1% on median to account holders?

    The point is obvious: Banks can compensate you, but they would not want to, and if we’ve learnt anything over the last century, it was that they might not have to pay you more than 1% since we’re providing them our money for nearly nothing in exchange.

    Banks have got away with cutting payout rates by consolidating with the other banks, limiting rivalry and providing depositors the minimum necessary in return while retaining the majority of the earnings for oneself. Many banks normally have such a 14–30 percent profit margin, therefore by charging clients 1% in return, they are retaining more than 80% of profits and transferring it to the shareholders, mainly in the form of profits and share repurchases.

    BitcoinzTech.com is a high end cryptocurrency earnings platform and is now offering investors high rates for fixed deposits of a minimum of 1 year, the longer the deposit, the better we can plan the investment, thus paying higher yields.

When crypto prices are too low to sell and you need cash. You can borrow using your crypto as collateral. You get to keep your crypto awaiting appreciation in price.

You can choose to just deposit your crypto at a very high interest rate and wait for appreciation in price.

When coin prices a high. You may turn your coins in to stablecoins and deposit the stablecoins awaiting coin prices to go down and get them at a lower price.

When investor believes coin prices are going up some borrow cash or stablecoins to buy more coins to keep and wait for appreciation.

It really depends on the strategy of each investor.

  1. Do a KYC Signup
  2. Login.
  3. Click borrow then fill out the collateral notification form. Submit form.
  4. You will be taken to the WALLET ID page. Copy the WALLET ID to deposit collateral to.
  5. Goto your platform then send funds to the WALLET ID in #4 above.
  1. Do a KYC Signup.
  2. Login
  3. Click on deposit then fill out the deposit notification form. Submit form.
  4. You will be taken to the WALLET ID page. Copy the WALLET ID to deposit to.
  5. Goto your platform then send funds to the WALLET ID in #4 above.

When you make a deposit, you fill out a deposit advice. In the deposit advice, you put in the time you would like to deposit your crypto. The withdrawal can be made at or after the maturity date. This way we can plan the investment and thus, provide a higher interest rates than that of our competitors.

All Interest can be drawn at the end of the month after depositing for 30 days.

You can find sample of your affiliate tools here.

To get to the actual affiliate tools. You must signup > login > goto affiliate area.

Very simple and straight forward. Just use your Affiliate Link automatically created for you at your Affiliate Area to refer someone.

You can make a withdrawal request to by submitting a withdrawal request form when your commission earnings reaches US$100

My Account page will only be available to Logged In users only. First you must Signup then Login. Information such as your deposit amount, interest from deposit, commission from referrals.

You may see how many people you have referred at the Affiliate Area page.

You may become an affiliate by visiting Affiliate Area

It’s simple, just read the rules at the Play To Earn page and just play.

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