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How To Choose Which Crypto Currency To Buy?

Since the inception of the first cryptocurrency over 9900 similar assets have appeared. Deciding to invest in one of these, goes beyond whatever is currently trending. Digital currencies vary based on several factors, what are the things you should look at when venturing to trade in a particular asset? Let’s take a look at these;

● Community 

It has often been said that a strong community is the backbone of any successful project, and with cryptocurrencies, this remains true. An active community plays a big role in driving a cryptocurrency forward, it is also a strong pointer towards the credibility of a virtual asset.

So, before purchasing a digital asset poke around its community on social media channels and platforms. An extensive user and loyal user base is usually a very good sign.

● Exchange Listing

Popular crypto exchange platforms generally have certain standards their listed coins are expected to meet. If the asset you are interested in is not supported by several prominent platforms you should do some digging to find out why. Being listed on a top exchange means your chosen token fits the platform’s criteria and this automatically raises its standing.

● Trading Volume

This factor denotes the total amount of a cryptocurrency that is traded over some time, typically a day. This points towards how active the market for that asset is and shows high demand for the token. This means that there are sufficient traders on both the buying and selling end.

● Pricing

Price is an integral part of the crypto space generally, however, it is important to avoid basing your decision solely on the current value of a coin. When investing in an asset, studying its price history can give you a little insight into its future behavior. For example, buying a token with a history of sudden fluctuations would be unwise.

● Supply

Cryptocurrencies are usually created with a limited number of coins that will ever go into circulation. This works hand in hand with the law of supply and demand. A capped supply of coins makes the currency deflationary which means as demand increases but the circulating coins reduce, the price will continue to rise.

● Team

A strong, invested, and experienced team is a must-have for any credible project in the crypto space. A project backed by knowledgeable individuals has a far greater chance of success and is also a lot more trustworthy. The digital sphere has faced its fair share of scams such as rug-pulls and pump and dump schemes, some of these could have been avoided with a more careful look into the creators of the project.

● Utility

Ask questions such as these, what is the goal of this asset? How will its value look in the long run? If the team behind a project doesn’t have long-term plans laid out that is a red flag. The crypto industry is incredibly innovative and thus competitive, for any one project to stand out, it has to offer buyers something unique and functional.


Note that your reason for investing is a critical factor, there are many reasons to invest in a digital currency such as trading. A prime example is if you intend to store your funds long-term in a savings platform such as BitcoinZtech, choosing a reliable and consistent asset is a wise decision.