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Which Country Carries The Highest Amount of Cryptocurrencies?

As time goes on it continues to grow apparent that a crypto-integrated future is inevitable and fast approaching. More individuals are shifting from traditional finance to DeFi space, and because of this centralized entities generally have been faced with 2 choices. They must either facilitate the oncoming change or oppose it as a neutral stance is no longer feasible.

With this in mind, more brands and companies have begun to introduce a new range of service options to accommodate crypto users. Nations are also catching onto this, over the past few months, countries all over the world have ventured to establish defined policies or a regulatory framework for the crypto space as the global adoption of digital currencies continues to rise. 

Some jurisdictions have imposed severe bans or restrictions impeding the use of cryptocurrency, and the EU recently placed a ban on anonymous crypto transactions within its borders. This is not the case everywhere though quite a few have made amendments to existing laws or introduced new ones that facilitate the growth of cryptocurrencies making them a regulatory haven for participants in the crypto industry.

Let’s take a look at the 5 countries that are in the lead in terms of crypto holders. According to a Triple-A survey, the country with the highest number of crypto owners is;

 India has over 100 million citizens in possession of some form of cryptocurrency. Next is

The USA with 27 million. The others include;

Russia 17 million

Nigeria 13 million

Brazil 10 million

Other nations with a high percentage of crypto users are Ukraine, Vietnam, Pakistan, Thailand, the UK, and Colombia among several others. 


Cryptocurrencies are generally established as a great route to evade the failings of the traditional system of finance. 

Transactions in the crypto industry are quicker, cheaper, and more secure, and these assets also make for a great store of value. Utilities such as this are only a few of many benefits that have aided the rise of the crypto space so far. Another great way to foster the adoption of cryptocurrency is to encourage prospective users to enter the industry through trusted, profitable methods. 

One of these is registering on a crypto savings platform such as BitcoinzTech. With a crypto savings account, users can own cryptocurrencies and make earnings through passive income over a period of time. A crypto savings account is reliable, guarantees yield, and more importantly it is accessible, the perfect tool to bolster mainstream adoption of digital assets.