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Why Save In Cryptocurrency

Crypto saving platforms are growing increasingly popular as a way to enter the crypto industry. Rather than actively trading virtual assets in the crypto market, more participants are opting to deposit their assets in the aforementioned platforms.

If as a crypto user, the idea of saving your funds has begun to appeal rather strongly to you, going with your gut just might be the right path. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons crypto savings have become a popular trend;

Passive Income

For most users, the established form of interaction with virtual assets is through trading on the market. However, as the digital space is incredibly volatile, this method isn’t always easy, or reliable as profits are not guaranteed. By saving on appropriate platforms i.e BitcoinzTech, crypto holders are sure to make earnings without the need for active participation.

This is a great way for beginners to become a part of the crypto industry as you do not have to master trading to make profits. This also applies to other types of crypto users. Crypto saving accounts work similarly to traditional accounts with banks, users stake their chosen assets, and the service providers loan out their funds.

In return, customers receive a predetermined amount of interest.


Another reason crypto savings accounts are especially good for beginners is that users can safely store their assets; an especially great advantage for those new to the crypto space and its risks, it lessens the odds of them losing their private keys.

BitcoinzTech offers cold storage and confirms transactions both online and offline, doubly ensuring that user funds are safe. Of course, this is not the same with all platforms, others may offer insurance coverage, however, cold storage is one of the best options available for safely storing crypto assets.

High and Instant Returns

As stated earlier, crypto savings accounts work a lot like traditional bank accounts, however, one marked difference is that crypto savings platforms offer much higher interest rates than banks typically do. With traditional savings, users can expect about 0.5 percent yield yearly, a considerably small amount compared to BitcoinzTech’s 10% yearly return on Bitcoin.

It’s important to be aware the APY can vary from asset to asset and platform to platform but is usually between 5 to 12 percent. This speed of profits also differs depending on the service provider; some platforms allow users to receive profits days or even hours after they have staked their funds.

Extra Rewards

A good example of this is BitcoinzTech’s affiliate program which allows customers to make additional earnings by referring the platform to other individuals. To start with, the user only needs to be registered on the platform, after which they will receive a personal referral link which they can then share with other prospective users.

When the new users register and make deposits, the referrer gets a payout. This is not the format for all platforms, some service providers offer tokens and other benefits.